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Research made easy

With one click, clip part or all of any webpage, including text, images, and links.

Compare products & prices

Shopping across multiple sites has always been a hassle. Now you can clip the items you want and save them all in one place. You can even create a wishlist from multiple sites and share it via email or your social networks. No more socks for Christmas.

Save inspirational images

Whether you're into photography, design or interior decorating, you can gather your inspiration in one place using Clipboard.

Clip hotels and flights, maps and images: whatever you need to plan your dream vacation.

Share them with your friends, and start the discussion on where to go and what to do.

Clippy lets you create web clippings like this 

January 02, 2013

How do I create my own clippings?

  1. Create a Clippy account by clicking "Sign Up" above.
  2. Follow the instructions on your Dashboard, you'll drag this New Clippy to your bookmarks bar.
  3. Browse the web and start clipping!

Keep in mind that Clippy is in alpha stages and is a little unstable. It works with Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, but not IE.